To build a website rising A5 station network security warning system

company recently, the largest information security company rising announced the first "cloud security alliance website" (, the day before the establishment of the alliance to join the site, once the server has been hacked and Trojan horse, rising will immediately notify the site administrator, help site security situation network real-time monitoring the malicious code, remove the wooden horse hackers implanted.

, vice president Lu Qing said, "cloud security alliance website" is mainly in order to help the webmaster and Internet users against sites linked to horse, all types of websites are free to join, to enjoy the latest achievements of rising "cloud security". The establishment of the alliance will help domestic millions of webmasters deal with rampant hacking attacks from the horse, "horse" to prevent the spread of the virus, Trojan source.

at the same time, rising with the well-known webmaster nets ( cooperation, and jointly promote the application of "cloud security alliance website" in the website and popularization. Up to now, there are nearly 1 sites joined the alliance.

CNNIC survey data show that China’s current corporate Web site has about 700 thousand, plus other personal sites, school sites, the number of domestic websites has more than one million. According to the statistical data of "rising Internet Security Report", only in the first half of 2009, there are 350 thousand sites (with domain name Computing) hackers implanted Trojan, a substantial increase over the same period last year.


due to the lack of a lot of their own professional web site management personnel, hackers can not be processed in a timely manner after being implanted Trojans, clear malicious code. Some web site administrator to create a website, there is no time to monitor the security status of the site, and even do not know their servers have been implanted Trojan hackers. The majority of small and medium-sized websites have become the main victims of hackers hang horse.

for these conditions, rising launched a special administrator for the site of the "cloud security alliance website, help user to monitor the security situation of the website. The data came from the alliance Rising Cloud security system, server monitoring 24 hours real-time update sites linked data, once found the victim’s website, is in the shortest time to notify the administrator to remove malicious code.

rising security experts said, "cloud security alliance website" in addition to useful to site administrators, ordinary users can also use the search function to determine the safety of some website. For example: Internet users in online shopping, before the game, landing page:, website alliance website URL will enter a search box, you can know this site in the past month have been hacked.

industry insiders believe that the establishment of Cloud Security Web Alliance ", means that the rising" cloud security ".