Daily topic bitcoin was hit by a central bank to close the third party payment channel

A5 webmaster network (www.admin5.com) December 17th news, the recent bitcoin suffered frequently, the world’s governments have shown a number of positions in contrast to bitcoin, which is mostly negative voice. China’s financial regulator to prohibit the use of bitcoin financial institutions, in addition to South Korea, Norway and Thailand did not give the legal status of bitcoin.

, the central bank provides third party payment institutions shall not be provided for the bitcoin trading site hosting, trading and other services." Yesterday afternoon, the central bank convened a meeting of the third party payment company revealed the news. This is the central bank in December 5th issued the "notice" on guard against the risk of bitcoin, bitcoin bad policy check again. Bitcoin players said that the last notice of some of the content can also be seen as good news, but this policy is entirely comparable to the development of domestic currency in the fight against. Bitcoin Chinese worrying in the future development of the situation, they will choose different levels of "escape", or transferred to overseas trading platform bitcoin transactions.

who participated in the activity of the sources, the central bank payment and settlement secretary yesterday morning interviewed more than 10 third party payment companies, the central bank from the anti money laundering, consumer protection and so on several aspects of the risk of bitcoin, and requirements: to prohibit banks, Payment institutions to provide payment and settlement services for bitcoin, Wright currency transactions, the payment institution have business shall relieve the contract, for the stock of cash can be completed before the Spring Festival, the new payment services shall not occur. After the interviews in the central bank payment institutions, the company will strictly implement the central bank to the requirements of the position. One of the world’s most active trading sites bitcoin and bitcoin, Wright currency trading site OKCOIN has also been replaced by the third party payment institutions to pay the other third party payment company. But now the trading site could only use caifutong and three party payment by cash, unable to recharge and payment.

China earlier, the people’s Bank and other five ministries jointly issued "about bitcoin risk prevention notice", notice bitcoin qualitative, said bitcoin is not issued by the monetary authorities do not have the law, such as monetary compensation of the mandatory property, is not a real currency. This move is believed to be conducive to excessive noise reduction bitcoin. The central bank shot again, also means that bitcoin was blocking.

in the bitcoin rose, China become the main battlefield of bitcoin, blocking the central bank concerned is very unfavorable for the development of bitcoin, bitcoin. In particular, does not allow third parties to participate in bitcoin transactions, directly cut off the internal development of bitcoin in china. But in China, which holds a large bitcoin market, there are still a lot of bitcoin transactions generated at all times. The central bank bad news release, the market will inevitably lead to the introduction of bitcoin even outside the ground, and produce more regulatory problems. The next step will be all departments joint strangling bitcoin, but if the bitcoin game player said, not a force of the mandatory use of the legal currency cannot be short.