Network extortion and paid delete posts special rectification of the first 32 sites were closed due

[Abstract] net, fruit and vegetable spot trading rights net network suspected of extortion and paid Posts illegal behavior.



Times News (reporter Liu Xueyu) yesterday, the state Internet Information Office announced recently shut down in accordance with the law "vegetable net", "spot trading rights" and other 32 sites list. This is the national network information office, the Ministry of public security, press and Publication Administration jointly launched the "network extortion and delete posts paid" special rectification work, the competent department according to the masses of the first batch of illegal websites shut down.

according to the National Network Information Office of the relevant person in charge, the 32 sites were there are different degrees of network extortion and delete posts paid "special rectification work in some need to focus on governance illegal plot, mainly in: some fails to perform registration procedures, a large number of published false news; some negative information communication. Blackmail companies and individuals; some in the name of advertising, cooperation fees, sponsorship fees, by providing a delete business disguised for property etc..

the responsible person told the reporter that the closure of 32 illegal websites, only "network extortion and delete posts paid" special rectification "preliminary results". The website was closed in the alleged illegal clues have been transferred to public security organs for investigation.