CTC Bank credit card Tencent QQ card dazzling debut


CITIC Bank credit card Tencent QQ card dazzling debut

application of the first 66660 members of the pre Tencent Inc can get a very favorable free membership service for 6 months. Card is very exciting!

May 5, 2008, CITIC Bank jointly Tencent technology company, Chinese UnionPay credit card network to field a new attack! The CITIC Bank launched a total of 4 QQ series credit card, on behalf of the Taekwondo, gymnastics, football and windsurfing, QQ penguins charmingly beautiful originally as the incarnation of athlete, on behalf of the new century new network a generation of colorful life, sports, health and fashion pursuit


Tencent ten years to build the image of QQ, in China currently more than 200 million Internet users has been popular, has become the most widely spread, the highest recognition and the most popular Internet cartoon image of the brand. In Japan, the United States and Europe popular cartoon rampant today, Tencent QQ through service huge network users, has made the national brand. CITIC become an independent school banks to Tencent, Chinese UnionPay’s first piece of real QQ cartoon credit card, it is hoped to promote the independent brand, to stimulate the spirit of innovation, to encourage more young people to be creative life, create a dream of the pursuit of fashion.

it is understood that the Tencent had been in bank card cooperation has been actively exploring, and the CITIC Bank cooperation, further innovation more around the target group of tailor-made contents: first of all, this is an international standard UnionPay credit card, the first consumer, after the repayment, interest free period of 50 days long, rich the order stage products and a number of complimentary insurance services, debit card is not available. With the continuous extension of the Chinese overseas UnionPay acceptance network, the card can achieve acceptance in 26 countries and regions Chinese often go, let you worry free brush; the second is the first UnionPay credit card issued a joint Tencent QQ Tencent, QQ number, name and image of penguins, three-in-one, appear completely in the credit card on the card; at the same time, the Tencent will be the first time complete membership service attached to the bank card products in Tencent.com use. CITIC Bank credit card payment Tencent buy QQ members, QQ yellow diamond, diamond, red diamond, can enjoy the original price 15% off special discount. In addition, as the largest instant messaging network, Tencent CITIC credit card also attaches great importance to the communication function of users, QQ users can own love QQ number embossed on the credit card front; for new QQ enthusiasts, successful application of CITIC credit card Tencent QQ, you can get a free QQ number.

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, CITIC Bank in the introduction of online banking professional edition 5, expanded in the online banking campaign, CITIC credit card Tencent will focus on the development of e-commerce business emerging, especially the expansion of credit card online payment business. Tencent caifutong payment platform and pat Network in recent years the momentum of development is very fast, the two sides will make full use of the diversification of credit card payment method, develop better.