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1 Baidu, Sina and other licenses granted by the giants compete in the field of payment

highly anticipated seventh installment of the third party payment license settled. July 10th, Baidu’s BaiduPay and other companies such as Sina announced that the central bank issued the seventh installment of the third party payment license. This time, a total of 27 licenses issued, so far, the central bank issued a total of 250 licenses.

is an interesting phenomenon, a new batch of payment business license issued in the global prepaid card company Eden Reid "prepaid card issuance and acceptance of the license plate, which can be in Jiangsu Province, Shanghai City, Beijing City, Sichuan Province, the four issued prepaid card. Before, the voice of a very high PayPal (Paypal) but fail in an examination.


financial analyst Wang Weidong told reporters, PayPal volume is relatively large, the business type is rich, is also involved in cross-border settlement, President of the natural approval of many. But this time the central bank to Eden Reid and other "foreign enterprises" issued to pay the license, but also a positive for paypal.

‘s nature is only an episode, it is important to Baidu and Sina to get a paid license. This means that, in the next, Baidu, Sina does not have to be subject to the payment of Tencent, Alibaba.

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, 2 Ma 170 million shares of the company skyinsoft accused of tampering with the contract

A IPO shares has not yet been released, mainland enterprises in Hong Kong financing desire more intense.

in July 9th, from Jiangsu Nanjing Qingtian Technology (01297.HK) officially landing in Hong Kong, it is worth noting that this little-known company has won the favor of Ma Yun, the Alibaba group in 2011 has invested 170 million yuan acquisition of Qingtian 25% stake in science and technology, the market is still holding 13.5% shares.

however, Ma Yun shares did not let skyinsoft get preferential treatment, the issue price of HK $1.45 per share, fell 3.45% to HK $1.40, below the issue price listed day.

moreover, skyinsoft and Nanhua group (00265.HK) and its subsidiaries Qingtian Technology Co. Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as South South China Qingtian) disputes between property resources are still pending. Qingtian technology accused South China group had an early and Qingtian technology cooperation alleged breach of contract and tort "5 sins".

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3 Baidu post bar VS WeChat: the competition of the two social routes

WeChat is based on