Why can Quanzhen Lu store business booming

is now a very large number of retail operations, resulting in the fierce competition in the retail business, if you want to do the fire business, no doubt also need to do more work. Then, Lu Quanzhen store is how to realize the prosperous business? Let us work together to meet, look at this shop have what kind of business doorway.

Lu Quanzhen shop is located in the Huang Tai Road No. 11, near the residential area around the store a lot, a lot, a radius of 300 meters have 5, can be said that the competition is fierce. But to say that cigarette business, or Zhang Jie’s business Quanzhen Lu thriving shops. You want to ask him what’s the doorway, this is really!

cigarette is a kind of special goods, sell them should especially pay attention to hygiene, no matter which consumers do not love to those filthy store to buy cigarettes. Zhang Jie I love clean, when nothing is not mop the floor to wipe the counter. Shop in other places can also People are hurrying to and fro., to say, it’s hard to ensure the health of the ground, but it is a rainy day, to Zhang Jie’s shop, the ground is clean. Therefore, there are a lot of residents in the vicinity of the city like to chat to his shop, buy things.

Lu Quanzhen Shop Street is a major traffic artery, North train road, East Huangtai Power Plant every day if there is dust, didn’t wipe, will dusty shop outside the shop, the ground and the counter. Therefore, no matter how busy he business is to squeeze time to clean, clean, otherwise, whether the whole or zero packet of cigarettes are covered with dust, for a long time, there will be dust bag and zero whole plastic paper joint, and it is difficult to clean up.

customers will also have opinions when buying, and even the phenomenon of return. Several colleagues have appeared in the vicinity of such a problem, and in his store, due to the clean-up is very timely, once did not appear such a situation. In addition, the cigarette he did put in order, and display allow consumers to experience the boss carefully virtually, have a good store.

in addition, he felt that health is not only reflected in the shop, the shop outside the health is also very important, because the shop is a shop "face", give consumers a good impression, they are willing to into the store shopping. So, Zhang Jie Lu Quanzhen is "Neiwaijianxiu", complement each other. For this reason, his store has never lacked loyal customers.

is not easy to cultivate loyal customers, and for the current store, the lack of loyalty is undoubtedly the most loyal. So, learn some business skills, for the operation of the store will undoubtedly have a very big help. So, whether the management of Shandong Quanzhen store will be to your stores to help?