Wen businessmen have a new era of entrepreneurship has come

referred to entrepreneurship, people often feel that rely on intelligence and courage to start a business is a necessary factor for success, in fact, now "literary creation" is popular, what is the literary creation? I believe that the following business story, you will have a certain understanding of the vocabulary.

in the sky overlooking Monument for Liberation square, Cathay Pacific, has become a natural heart. Cathay Pacific square is the heart of the left ventricle, the surrounding building is the right ventricle and other components of the heart. The ground is a group of artists in the open-air exhibition, Chongqing decorate the lustrous and dazzling, bright. From the high altitude overlooking the heart as if beating, flashing a dazzling light.

Put forward the idea of the


Lu Temple forever

full selling marketplace breath shouting, "global market" as a "land of idyllic beauty" inside.

into the "global market" found inside the scene unexpectedly: hidden but beautiful spot pushed open the door, greeted by a red stone pot test, stood beside the bamboo hat, dustpan. There is a large stone pot on the left side of the table retro mahogany table, put a row of lights, if not carefully look at it can not be the cashier.

and this is just the tip of the iceberg…… Inside shopping for almost an hour, finally finished the two floor of the market: Audrey. Hepburn, Jiang Jieshi, Zhou Xuan, teapot, pot, phonograph, lantern, retro sofa cloth…… Every small ornaments are very exquisite, fine will show a breath of 80s.

carefully considered, here includes the Chongqing pub, Chongqing salon, galluzzo face house, yard in Chongqing and the Republic of China and Pakistan teahouse tank and eight branch Guoding hey burn. Visitors can not only drink here, you can also eat, drink tea, eat barbecue, chat etc.. As a global market, let us forget.