Shop name should pay attention to personality is not vulgar

if you want to make your own shop more creative name, can attract more consumers really need to shop with more personality. However, numerous shopkeepers need to pay attention to, personality is not vulgar. Even if the moment with the success of the psychological success of registration, does not mean that will have been developed.

the way it is, "sex" the hotel owner said that at the time of the industrial and commercial registration, can not think of a good shop name, is called "sex", a friend suggested dark rest. She found the shop name very interesting, it was decided to use this name to apply for a business license, really do not know the meaning of "sex" pornography.

there are two issues of concern: dark is rest, should be "black Hugh", why should add two "mouth" in front of it, why should posted nude posters at the door? If it is just a simple family hotel, and apply for a business license, didn’t what to say, the problem lies in the signs and posters, the deeper the problem behind the signs and posters are not really hidden adulterous sex thing, this is worthy of careful check of the, rather than simply remove signs, ripped down posters.

visible, the boss is not really do not understand, but really understand the connotation of "sex". Family hotel, sex, nude posters, these elements together, is a sign of yellow flesh in a flagrant way. Business profit nature makes the boss dare to rush into danger "yellow" strokes, the strange thing is the business sector in Danzhou was also according to batch? It is also like a "boss" and really don’t know. "Se" ", or otherwise hidden it?


signs, let me think of a new cultural phenomenon is popular, some personalized name has very interesting, create new styles. For example, the common name "clothing boutique sight", a shocking point "clothing soliciting, meaning" to tourists "pull on the quality of clothes, more is a fashion men’s underwear shop called" cool fang". There are some names of the homophonic name, such as the popular network "the highest court" is the name of a barber shop.

The name

is memorable, but let the consumer feel the vulgar and no sense of social responsibility, will only make consumers disgusted, fix this kind of name is also suspected of illegal. In accordance with the provisions of the State Administration for Industry and Commerce on the administration of the registration of enterprise names, the name of a company shall not contain any contents or words which may cause deception or misunderstanding to the public.

this name also is not to want to check how you can check how the problem lies in Industrial and Commercial Bureau for approval of the license, in the end is a kind of operating mode, which leads to a common sign can cause the.