A history of ordinary wage earners

thirty is the life of accurate positioning, life began to steady stage, the children, do not understand technology, without the background of ordinary wage earners rely on their own strength to fight a world exclusive wealth, let’s look at the anonymous Confessions of Entrepreneurs:

2011 summer, I suddenly had a plan. As long as I wake up, I keep thinking about the plan. I think about it every night. I was so eager to make the plan that I couldn’t concentrate on anything else.

at that time, I was a full-time employee of company, I do not love this job, but I must insist. I was divorced and married again. My wife doesn’t work, looking after our 3 children at home. This means that I am the only source of income in the family, and more importantly, if I don’t work, our family will lose their health insurance.

If I wanted to quit his job to start a business, I must complete the following points: 1 a profit. 2 access to financing. 3 convince my wife.

however this three things, there is no such a thing to do.

1. profit: in order to make a profit, you must have a product. If you are a technician, it may not be too difficult. If you have money, you can ask someone else to help you with your product. Unfortunately, I have neither technology nor money. Although I have the idea of the product, but it is not possible to become a perfect product in a short time.

2. get financing: financing also need to have a product. And you have to contact a large number of investors, which requires a lot of time.

3. convinced my wife: to be honest, without the support of my family, all plans are bad. Yes, entrepreneurs need to learn to take risks, but not to consider the family, this is not an adventure, but indifference, please forgive me.

: what should I do?

The following is a method to solve the

1. find friends who understand technology.

2. borrow money from these friends and convince them that I will succeed.

3. promised that they would not consume too much energy for my product development.

4. with WordPress to do a web page, allowing users to register, and to introduce them to my products.

5. get in touch with all the media I know. Start with the smaller ones. Recommended