How to run a hot business dessert

is not a famine in 70s and 80s, when people pay attention to food and beverage consumption is not the weight but quality. People have never stopped the pace of the pursuit of high-quality life, nowadays, many dessert shop business is good, attracting a lot of investors. In fact, in different periods, open dessert shop notes are also different!

dessert shop and do other business, the first to establish the right attitude to make money. Adjust the mentality, and then is to own the store location. Dessert shop better customer group is the young female college students, middle school students, couples and so on.

Oh, for example, have different localization and dessert of these populations, and for young women, Business District opened in the high-end dessert shop is good, for the middle school students, the school is near the neighborhood in place to open the dessert better. For couples and college students, sometimes the layout of the environment is more important than the taste. With the corresponding positioning is the product of the choice of high-grade dessert with a good choice of Hong Kong Style desserts, fruit and fish or Western desserts, the better with Cantonese tea and ice cream dessert, desktop, takeaway style is considered to tea, iced tea, fruit cool.

is the chosen rent here for business licenses and other licenses. There is also a thing to do at the same time is the decoration. Generally speaking, dessert is decorated with simple sweet dessert, because the mood is very casual (unlike dinner), remember better quality tables and chairs, attaches great importance to customer contact, since in addition, no accident prone. There is to choose the right dishes, remember the good quality.

decoration, equipment and raw materials ready, at the same time, you should also be the end of the recruitment, this time you have to put energy into trial equipment, training staff. In addition during the work on hand is not after all equipment will affect the efficiency, after all, dessert is fresh stuff, training your employees familiar with all kinds of desserts, clearly recommend to the customer, is also very important to


trial, with free or low-cost form to invite the nearby residents to eat, remember to do this before you have relatives and friends of your craft very confident. If your craft is good, please rest assured, soon there are many repeat customers to patronize.

, of course, to do well, there is a lot of work to do. For example, promotion should be in place, account management should be clear, incentive means to be effective, the new product will change with the seasons change, the procurement of raw materials to ensure the quality and so on, a shop that things are not so large than small, must be carefully.

operating a business is not a sweet dessert shop, it is not difficult, as long as you choose a lot, the heart of business, I believe you can harvest sweet business, in the dessert industry to obtain considerable revenue, want to open a dessert shop