Hefei small and micro enterprises to benefit the policy

countries have been supporting the development of small and micro enterprises are encouraged to continue to create favorable conditions for their policies. Coincides with the Dragon Boat Festival is approaching, Hefei area Small and micro businesses to welfare policy, look at what is now policy released.

to ensure the tax preferential policies are fully implemented, the city requires the establishment of Small and micro businesses preferential tax policy list publicity system, a list of charges publicity system and Small and micro businesses pay a registration system for Small and micro businesses to know and enjoy various preferential policies. For small and micro enterprises in the weak position of government procurement, the city requires the development of government procurement to support the development of small and micro enterprises, government procurement budget arrangements for a certain proportion of small and micro enterprises.

to ease the Small and micro businesses financing, financing of the problem, the city’s "opinions" provisions, will increase the credit support, the establishment of Small and micro businesses to guide credit funds of 20 million yuan and SME lending 100 million yuan of funds to solve Small and micro businesses as pressing danger. At the same time, the establishment of the Great Lakes city series of financial products, including SME innovation and development fund, small and micro enterprises and government loans, the growth of listed companies loans, as well as the establishment of a new mechanism for the cooperation between government and banks.

for the provision of public services Small and micro businesses, improve the development environment, Hefei city will accelerate the construction of public service platform for small and medium-sized enterprises, and strive to achieve the small and medium-sized enterprises, public service freely through multilevel linkage and resource sharing. At the same time, through financial support to support the development of professional public service platform for SMEs, the formation of public service platform with the government departments to complement each other service system, reduce operating costs.

Now is the era of Entrepreneurship:

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