The correct planning of financial entrepreneurs can also be at ease

now the business market is excellent, many career women have tempted to create their own career. But they also have a lot of concerns, the monthly income of 20 thousand yuan to the female white-collar workers as an example, teach you how to arrange funds, to avoid the risk of growth.

reduced the risk of venture capital

in the business organization, Miss Zheng can consider the following two ways: one is the choice of partnership, experienced friend cooperation investment, joint management. If the 3 partners, you can put the funds to be reduced to about 250 thousand yuan. Two is to join the well-known coffee chain brand, direct reproduction of mature business model, and has a clear service standards, the success rate will be higher than their own exploration.

in management, product positioning, select the appropriate starting place, and for the target customers launch brand marketing activities. The cafe opened more concentrated in white-collar areas or gathering of foreigners is a good choice, because of the high consumption of white-collar workers and foreigners, and coffee drinking habits, can become the main source of the cafe.

the recommended