Tianjin integral settled system is expected to settle easier

life because of work or study, when we enter a city to work or study, may put down roots in the city, but most of the time the implementation of the account become difficult! "Didn’t go to school to move hukou, just can’t buy off households, to delay." Wu Jingjing, who was from Heilongjiang, Qigihar, came to Tianjin in 2001 to stay. 15 years without Tianjin hukou, there are a lot of trouble. Two years ago, the integration of the system so that she hopes to restart. This year, she finally settled in the second home of Tianjin.

residence permit is the first step in the integration of

holds a residence permit is one of the prerequisites for the application of Tianjin Tianjin settled. Last year in order to apply for a residence permit, Wu Jingjing ran several times floating population service center, the first application for registration, the registration card received six months to take pictures, and then apply for a residence permit. But in June this year, the Internet entrance open, online homes will be able to handle residence registration and residence permit business.

in accordance with the policy, who is 16 years old to Tianjin personnel can hold a valid identity certificate to declare residence registration, registration of over half a year later, to meet the legitimate stable employment and stable legal residence, continuous studying in one of these 3 conditions, you can apply for a residence permit.

as of the end of last year, Tianjin resident population of 15 million 469 thousand and 500 people, including foreign population of 5 million 3 thousand and 500 people, accounting for the city’s resident population of nearly 1/3. In other words, 3 people in Tianjin, there are 1 foreign population. Apply for residence permits and settled, related to all aspects of these people’s health, education and other aspects of daily life.

in addition to the highly anticipated population, on the residence permit and the system integrator settled deep feelings and intermediary service institutions. "In the background of the household population control indicators increasingly tightened, forming integral objective, quantitative, transparent and open settled system, reduce the black box space." Tianjin settled service institutions located in the help general manager Zhang Zhongguo said, before the full amount to buy a new house once settled, the graduates employment settled policies, both for specific groups of high education, high income, and no doubt to the most common integral settled settled in foreign builders provided channel system.

implementation of the residence permit system from 2014 to March 23rd this year, a total of Tianjin residence permit issued by more than 660 thousand, the residence permit holders can enjoy the 11 aspects of public services, including education, employment, social insurance, housing security, occupation qualification, selection of recognition etc..

social security records only one year, education does not explicitly require

did not settle down, I just want to return home when the birth of a child. Recommended