Refused to do a large number of civil servants to turn mushrooms

business has now become a very common phenomenon, at the same time, in people’s whole business on the road, often need some of the more offbeat move, some route is either take the ordinary people, so the child can in the middle of the road farther and farther.


in the Communist Youth League Committee of Xinzhou’s help, they successfully solve the recruitment, electricity, water and other problems, the company relies on strong technical and excellent product quality, rapid development. At present, intelligent production line has been completed 2000 Nissan mushroom bag.

2012 in September, the company won the support of special funds of Wuhan city outstanding entrepreneurial projects, in November of that year won the Wuhan municipal League Wuhan youth entrepreneurship contest 20, YBC will send a youth by the tutor, to provide 50 thousand yuan interest free loans. The company also received 300 thousand yuan of Xinzhou district agricultural investment co.. At the end of last year, they also carry out experiments, the development of tea tree mushroom, mushroom, Pleurotus species.

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