Year end bonus hair Chongqing small noodles heart sympathy for employees

went to the end of the annual sun welfare day. Recently, IT company employees claimed that year-end bonus hair Chongqing small noodles let the heart, colleagues. Then this event attracted hot friends.

On the evening of

11, the "David" in the circle of friends broke the news that the year-end bonus this year, even the boss is Chongqing small noodles, the nearly 30 employees led to dissatisfaction. We have complained: waiting a year for year-end bonus, but you give me to eat small? Yesterday morning, this is micro-blog "Chongqing broke a sister" forward, caused a lot of hot friends.

see this notice, Mr. Zhang and his colleagues hanging heart was put down. The company boss Zhang Shuang subsequently told reporters that he is a native of Chongqing, since Chiai facet. This year, "Chongqing small noodles" sells the country and even overseas, this year he wanted to give the employee an extra point of this welfare. "Not only the facet, bonuses have made." Zhang Shuang told reporters, heard that many employees worried about year-end bonus is only a facet, he had printed and posted notice, good comfort.

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