Chen Hua husband and wife of their own interest in breaking gold

now there are a lot of people have chosen the husband and wife to open a shop, because they are family, there will be no financial disputes, but also can be a little more trust between each other, Chen Hua is the choice to open a couple store. I told his wife shop for more than and 10 years in the business, we have not had the contradictions and conflicts, but they really do that of one heart and one mind, saying, "the couple concentric, the benefit payments". I summed up the many benefits of the joint set up two couples.

first, the early entrepreneurs often funds, in partnership with others worry about conflict, due to disagreements without trust, and finally it was not only the loss of funds to part company each going his own way, and also hurt friends and. If you ask people to do things, the high cost will increase the burden on the shop, but also to guard against the risk of people belly. If it is, your other half due to know too much, nature is the best candidate for cooperation.

secondly, because the two sides are husband and wife, the characteristics of each other are also more understanding of the character, the heart to a place, to a place so that you can make a reasonable arrangement of human resources. My wife outgoing personality, suitable for dealing with people to receive the customer to his wife, and I am not good at communicating with others, is responsible for going out to do procurement.

because of his wife to understand the sales of goods, I will be in accordance with her purchase list to purchase, so that there will be no differences due to purchase. For the use of funds, is to consult with his wife, a unity of thinking, and therefore rarely appear contradictory, more than and 10 years of our business more prosperous shop, life also do double harvest everything in good order and well arranged, cause feelings.

husband and wife shop will be so many retailers who are sure, naturally has its advantages exist. And as Chen Hua said, the husband and wife will undoubtedly be better than outsiders to buy a good shop, good business, it is also easier to open a business hot shop. So, the couple is really a good shop open a good choice.