How to get a good name

women would buy all kinds of cosmetics, this is a manifestation of beauty, this is undoubtedly the cosmetics store name and signage has put forward higher requirements, so as to let the store can get better business. So, if you open a cosmetics store, take a good name is a very important thing. So, how to get a good name?

Most of the

cosmetics store appearance, shop entrance if there are signs show ingenuity and name, in order to attract consumers into the store to browse the desire. The name of the store is the first impression left to the customer, to enhance the visibility of the store has the role can not be underestimated. A good name can bring considerable economic benefits to the owner, and can provide customers with a pleasing artistic enjoyment.

At present, most of the consumers in the cosmetics store are female, while the female, as a special consumer group, has a very clear view of the

. The name of the aesthetic, artistic and cultural heritage, so that consumers feel comfortable.

Cosmetics shop name

good should have four characteristics: easy to remember; to highlight the nature of business of the store; impressive; with the vast majority of customers aesthetic consciousness.

u       to seek common ground, unique style.

Such as "

 " – makeup wipe "rouge gouache". These cosmetics shop name novel, and rarely repeated, is too stuffy not forget. Customers will remember your first name, after the examination of the means to determine the store in its heart image I. but note that the name should have features, but can not stray too far, to make the customer by name will be able to know what is your business. The name must be sound and beauty, and makeup on.

u       elegant and warm, artistic.

such as "Sunshine Living Museum" "color" "blue moon makeup shop" "Beauty Castle", etc.. These cosmetics shop name is full of romantic color a quality suggestive of poetry or painting, art, not only gives people the enjoyment of beauty, but also a lead a person to endless aftertastes.

u       accurate positioning.

cosmetics shop name to operate their own cosmetics brand and business focus is consistent, best to highlight its own characteristics. For example, a business of Chinese herbal medicine cosmetics shop, the name "Qian grass beauty", once the customer understands that the store products are able to remember the shop name of products, is conducive to.