Guardian is easy to track children

now, the family for the child’s attention is higher, six adults and a child, become a common family model. Even when parents vigilance high, child like a magician, often flash was gone. From the Taiwan startup BeLuvv saw this problem, so the development of Guardian, this is a wearable device that can be connected to the mobile phone app to track the whereabouts of the child, do not let them enter the "stealth mode".

BeLuvv); Johnny , said Guardian’s life of up to 4 months to 1 years, compared to the majority of the GPS tracking device is only about 24 hours of life. The device retails for $29.95 ($24.95) and is cheaper than most GPS tracking devices.

Guardian and a iOS  app pairing (Android version is under development), this app can be used to set a range for each child away from the distance. You can also set up a network of cooperative custody, so that more family members and friends to join. If a child is missing, an emergency notification will be sent to each member who downloaded the application.

Fong said: "I am the father of two sons, always worried that children will be lost in public space. I think this question for a long time. Smart Bluetooth technology has matured, which is why I want to enter this market."