An analysis of the cost of joining the indoor children’s paradise

childhood should be happy, as parents certainly hope that their children can grow in a happy environment, want children can grow up happy children’s paradise, not less, so the domestic child related industry is developing rapidly, which is an indoor children’s playground. Today, Xiaobian want to tell you about how much money to join the children’s paradise? Hope that the following indoor children’s paradise to join the cost analysis can give investors a lot of help.

indoor children’s playground and outdoor playground is roughly the same, the only difference is that, relatively speaking, indoor children’s paradise more secure. Children are the parents of the baby, a child can bring happiness to the greatest extent and to ensure the safety of children’s playground will naturally be more popular, so the indoor children’s paradise to join the prospects are very good. So, indoor children’s paradise investment costs need?

brand to join Gold: indoor children’s Park to join the brand gold about 1-10 million yuan; margin: roughly 10 thousand; join the training fee: want to join the indoor children’s playground, investors need to accept the headquarters for 1-3 months of training, of course, the cost of training by investors bear; facility fee: open a indoor children’s playground shop, all kinds of facilities with nature is essential.

general, equipment costs about 10-20 million; artificial cost: in order to ensure the safety of children, children’s park everywhere need to arrange for 300 square meters, generally require 10 employees, so the opening quarter indoor amusement park artificial cost was 90 thousand yuan (3000 yuan per person per month); shop rent and decoration fee: indoor amusement park’s annual rent at least 100 thousand yuan, 50 thousand yuan renovation costs.

according to the analysis of the cost of joining the indoor children’s paradise, we can clearly know that the indoor children’s paradise to join the cost of at least 500 thousand yuan. Of course, the above analysis and the real investment will exist, so the specific details of the investors should also consult the relevant brands.

said that although the initial investment cost is higher, the indoor children’s amusement park, amusement park, but due to the large flow of people, the high cost of tickets, so the general profit rate can reach more than 60%, so, in small series, children’s Park is a good investment projects.

This article is for more than

of everyone on the investment analysis of children’s profits, may still have many shortcomings, I hope you don’t mind, investors, can according to their own ideas, project brand choice, and the scale of the project choice, I believe, in the children’s industry growing today, choose indoor children’s playground, will bring no small wealth for you. Investors with money and determination, act quickly.

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