Eight cheats easily find Angel nvestors

many investors want to find an angel investor, you can ensure that the investment process is happy, to ensure the perfect investment results. For angel investment is a kind of art, if you want to get angel investment, please look at the small and a few points:

1. to determine the credibility of investors. Credible is the legal terms, is actually said "money never need to care about a few dollars". If you sell the stock to a small old lady in Florida, you may get into trouble, so don’t do it. Find a good corporate finance lawyer (don’t ask your lawyer for divorce), and he’ll tell you how to find an investment.

2. to determine the seasoned investors. Seasoned angel investor you are engaged in the industry very well – they should have personally tried, and has made some achievements". Yes, all you need is money from angel investors, but you also need their expertise. If you want to get in the next round of venture capital, if you take out the list of investors are some layman a smattering of that process may be very hard.

3. don’t underestimate them. Often listen to entrepreneurs said, I want to find angel investors, because it is easier to fight for venture capital". If every time I hear this kind of words can get 5 cents, now set up. When you strive for angel investors, be sure to treat the same as the risk of investment, the same should not be less. Angel happy to play the money dispenser days have gone — perhaps never been like this. Angel investors and venture capital are as concerned about liquidity as they are, even more nervous, because they are investing their own money.

4. understand their motives. Angel investors and Vc firm is the most fundamental difference is that angel investors have a double bottom line. They have been successful, and now want to give back to the community, to help a new generation of entrepreneurs. As a result, they are sometimes willing to invest in projects that are less visible and more risky to help entrepreneurs Mai Shangxin. I also know a lot of good venture capitalists, but I don’t know if any of them is in the business because they want to give back to the community.

5. ask them to participate in the experience. Angel investors is one of the harvest and you feel the entrepreneurial process. Angel investors want to relive those exciting entrepreneurial process, but do not want to charge into the enemy ranks. They will be happy to help you, and you should always ask them for advice. In contrast, the majority of venture capitalists will only want to participate in the operation is particularly good or particularly bad when.

6. to let the angel investor spouse can quickly understand your idea. Angel investors usually have only one member of the committee. If you have a "telecommunications room level client server open source OPML enterprise software products, the best thing you can do is find a more easily by ordinary people to understand the description method, because you the angel husband may >