Building materials store operating skills how to get the largest building materials store profits

building materials dealers   the most concerned about things, than their own building materials store profitability, with the positioning of goods and purchase links have a great relationship. To run a good building materials stores, in addition to have a certain financial strength and good sales skills, the key point is to grasp the purchase link, and be careful of the cards in the purchase link, so how to make the purchase link to become store sales strength after the shield?

the first operation in the course of business stores, stores in to try selling this link, so the purchase in the store to purchase the number initially permitted to handle. The first purchase is best not to go too much, resulting in a backlog, the first time you can choose to purchase a number of products, in the course of the sales process in the subsequent summary of their own stores operating the main line of the product.

To purchase and store

combined positioning

find the product source to reduce the purchase cost of

in the purchase process of building products, try to find the source of the home products, reduce the middlemen caused unnecessary product cost, the purchase price decided to store is competitive, so find the commodity factory house is crucial to reduce intermediate links, directly reduce the cost. How stores are operating in low-end products, then the price advantage will be further revealed, will also be more conducive to the promotion and sale of products in the end market.

get the support of the wholesalers