Foreign trade clothing purchase channels do not know do not know the secret

now with the improvement of living standards, there are a lot of people life taste are increasing, and there are more and more people begin to pay attention to dress, a lot of foreign trade clothing has been welcomed, while the operating profit space is also great.

now by many consumers for foreign trade clothing. The so-called foreign trade clothing is the domestic apparel manufacturers to foreign customers of clothing, the rest after completing the order that part of the product called the end of a single foreign trade. This part of the coast is very popular. To this end has become a lot of businesses competing goods. So foreign trade clothing purchase channels do you know what? For foreign trade clothing purchase channel secret you know?


Don’t expect you to take the goods /

The difference between the original and

A, fabric: this need not explain. The cotton and other pure cotton are so far away, let alone better fabric. The difference is determined by the price of only 1/10 or even less. You want to see and you can see the counter goods can be mixed into a consistent. It can only be speechless.

two, staining: manufacturers in order to reduce the risk, often only order blank cloth, because the order the material inventory is a risk. When the sales information is more accurate, it will be based on the cost of sales share of the whole cost of the whole dyeing or dyeing. Also according to the specified foreign dyestuff selection. Of course, the color effect of recommendation