Top ten tea brands in China

China is a tea producing country, there are numerous tea brands, has a very rich variety, so as to be able to give consumers a very good experience. Because of the different brands of tea market, the taste will be very different. Next, let Xiaobian to introduce you to the top ten brands of Chinese tea, so you can have a better understanding of the brand in this market.

Chinese tea ten brands list, NO.1 Wuyishan: Dahongpao is produced in Fujian, known as " tea champion " reputation, Dahongpao tea for the millennium old trees, steep cliffs on the Kowloon nest only 4 lines, production scarce, as rare treasures.

Chinese tea ten brands list, NO.2 West Lake Longjing Tea: produced in Hangzhou, tea for the flat, Miao Feng taper, bud leaf, green yellow, tea crown, " Hospital; west wind smile, Mingqian Longjing nver " reputation,.

Chinese tea ten brands list: NO.3, Anxi Tieguanyin Tea invented in the period of 1725-1735, which belongs to the class of Oolong Tea, is one of the top ten China Oolong Tea class, Fujian Anxi is the ancient tea area in china.

Chinese tea ten brands list, the NO.4 Spring Snail: produced in Jiangsu province Wuxian Taihu Dongting mountain, curled into a spiral shaped, hairy, color silver green hidden Tsui, belonging to Green Tea, Spring Snail tea has a special flower fragrance.

Chinese tea ten brands list NO.5, Pu’er Tea: produced in Yunnan tea, 1700 years of history, which belongs to the tea soup, thick orange, brown red color appearance or slightly pale, with a unique flavor, Chinese tea.

Chinese tea ten brands list NO.6, Lu’an Guapian: produced in the Dabie Mountains, also known as tea, Green Tea special tea leaves, single fried, without bud stem, the shape of seeds, the color green, the national history of tea.

Chinese tea ten brands list NO.7, Mount Huangshan Mao Feng: produced in Anhui Mount Huangshan, the history of tea, which belongs to the Green Tea, shape micro volume, like Buxus, yellow, green tea show, with golden yellow fish leaves, China ten tea.

Chinese tea ten brands list: NO.8, Xinyang Maojian tea produced in Henan Xinyang Province, Chinese famous Green Tea, with a unique style, rich soup green is famous in the world, Huainan has the reputation of being the first tea, ten tea Chinese.

Chinese tea ten brands list, NO.9 Junshan Silver Needle Tea: snail Island produced in the Dongting Lake in Yueyang, needle shaped, hence the name Junshan Silver Needle Tea, yellow tea treasures, "