What do you need to open a home textile store

open home textile stores need to do what preparations? Many franchisees are not very aware of this problem, in fact, you can learn more about the experience of sharing in the shop before you can help you sort out some useful shop knowledge. Xiaobian finishing a few points, interested can look at.

1. understand customer groups

2. which brand is suitable for joining

brand stores generally have a considerable part of the experience for reference, but also have a model shop, before joining the best in the same area comparable store observed for two days, Monday to Thursday a day, Friday to Sunday, one day, the two time difference of sales. Can also go home textile chain store directly to the owner of the media.

3. visit environment:

has preselected entrepreneurship shop the second step is to inspect the location, the surrounding environment, then to observe the two angles, one is the merchant’s point of view: what signs the site can create performance? What is the fixed population consumption rate in this area? Secondly, from the customer’s point of view: will you go shopping here? What are the crowds of people here? There are lots of gold popular corner, sub district also has a popular base. Find the most taboo only see other people succeed, would like to copy a shop next door.

4. shop after how to do

textile products is a necessity, but not recommended consumption