What are the items to open jewelry store

as a result of the market for jewelry love, therefore, the opening of the domestic jewelry shop seems to be a good choice. However, regardless of what to do, the other does not say that the focus on one – money. No money not to say anything, passion, an encyclopedic mind is useless. Now do nothing more than their own business to earn some of the deposits, and then is not to find the old dad to come to the deposit for many years, as to borrow money, loans, not easy. Have the money, it is necessary to find a good shop, have a chance to put the tickets will not be for naught.

location: not everyone is suitable for school shop

site, then say popular point, is to find a place where you can buy things love to go. I do is jewelry shop, there is a very well-known theory of "brick house" on the Internet, pointing to me, said: target customers must be students, looking for schools near the site! If he stood in front of me, I will be a direct over the shoulder, turn over and say, you do not know pure theory is only suitable for a dream?

facts have proved that most of the jewelry store and the school completely Wind Horse and cattle. Student funds are limited, limited time, limited school rules, which can be rejected by the three most of the things in my shop, but also to make money? Mainstream consumer groups should be: there are legitimate work, there is a fixed income, dress up beautifully, there are products, there is a temperament of the crowd. Therefore, I focus on several major real estate location center, and most of the surrounding residential area are shop regulars.

summary: Generally speaking, to do jewelry, look at your location. If your location is relatively low, small clip, a small ring of what, the price of more than 10 yuan, it can choose the school near. If you want to operate stationery, gifts, you can choose the school. On the other hand, don’t choose the school, die! I shop things are not expensive, generally in the form of 10 – 80 yuan, more than a small profit. Earn student money, is to win in quantity.

and according to my investigation, the general old school, there will be around the shape of the gift shop control, it is difficult to plug. Others to experience in the political arena, it is easy to put you killed in the cradle. Of course, if the school is noble is another matter. Students have money, who are at least a few hundred. If the business is a bit of a feature, more rare jewelry, but the price is not expensive, suitable for open in residential areas, or downtown. Of course, the premise is to withstand the high rent and transfer fees.

distribution: small jewelry is really a bottomless pit

jewelry store 20 square meters of shops, I do not know how much to shop at the beginning. A few months before we know, small jewelry is really a bottomless pit. One begins to spread 6000 yuan of goods in the shop for a few months, the daily distribution of 1. 60 thousand yuan is considered more substantial. But it looks like the recommended