Pet shop shop location what skills

if you want to open a pet shop, the first is to choose a good location, it is very important for a store, in relation to the success of our store. So, how to choose the pet store address is better? Xiao Bian made a detailed introduction to the skills.

would like to open a good shop, a market research is inevitable. From a professional point of view, it is the analysis of the business district, popular is to investigate and analyze the scope of the store’s sales, store customers to the characteristics and geographical location of the living environment. Because of the different geographical location of shops, suitable for different types of business. Pet shop location should pay attention to what? Therefore, investors in the site, we must first carefully observe the situation, such as the shopping district of the passenger flow and traffic flow is much, the number of competitors within the District, etc..

the choice of business location and the main commodity and potential customer base is closely related, all walks of life have different characteristics and consumer objects, pet shop site should pay attention to what? Downtown is not the only choice. Chen Yan pointed out that the operators in the site, to have a clear understanding of the product and the target consumer group self, the enemy can win. For example, convenience stores and small salon opened in suitable residents near the area, bar and tea can be opened in the downtown area near.

pet store location should pay attention to what? The corner of the crossroads, or some convenient transportation and overpass and underpass, bus station, subway station and rail station and other public transportation facilities adjacent to the place, the general flow of people are relatively large. The same floor, different positions of the retail price is not the same, and excellent visibility, no shelter shops rent is relatively high, the market is hard to find a shop.

general store property can make at least (rent) with 5 years, in order to achieve the purpose of lowering the rent, at least should be signed for 5 years or even longer lease term. Pet shop location should pay attention to what? In addition to negotiate rent, but also pay attention to the negotiated additional conditions, save a lot of expenditure. For example, whether the normal heating, water, electricity and telephone, whether to store the roof, floor and walls and other basic repairs or maintenance of hydropower facilities, purchase. In addition, Chen Yan reminded investors that the infrastructure should be agreed in advance in the contract, to avoid unnecessary disputes with the landlord in the future.

shops investment and investment in general property is different, the various forms of tenants on the demand for different shops. Pet shop location should pay attention to what? Clothing and food, for example, in general, a small clothing store business area of 30 square meters can be achieved, and a small restaurant business area is about 50 square meters. If you blindly pursue a small area, then the shops can withstand the format will be quite limited, flexibility in the use of shops will be greatly reduced, pet shop site to note