Technological innovation has become an important component of the entrepreneurial market

now entrepreneurship can not only find a business project, put into operation can be, and now the market competition is fierce, technological innovation began to lead the way. Intelligent electric vehicle, agricultural big data platform, virtual reality…… Held in Beijing International Expo on the first China innovation, the exhibition of highlights, through the exhibition can be seen, the technology innovation to guide entrepreneurship has become a stream.

In a corner of the

show, the reporter saw an experiencer wearing virtual reality helmet (VR) station carefully in front of the blue curtain, the side of the TV screen shows the experience in the virtual panorama overhead cable. This is the real beauty of Suzhou Yunke software Polytron Technologies Inc blue screen imaging aerial walking VR interactive display system.

"ordinary VR experience can only see the picture showing the helmet on the TV screen, and blue screen matting can provide third party perspective, will experience in the helmet experience scenes and experience together, let the people around to see the panoramic image." The beauty of the real Yunke marketing director Gao Shan introduction, this is a technical breakthrough of this system.

he said, and now more than a combination of technological innovation and entrepreneurship, VR, artificial intelligence, etc. are also in the entrepreneurial tuyere. The beauty of the real Yunke was founded 5 years, the valuation of the company has reached 300 million yuan, the products are used in Beijing and Shanghai city.

is not only a virtual reality technology, oral nano biological repair materials research and application, WeChat understand your attendance machine, intelligent electric vehicle, electronic ink display, the UAV aerial camera…… The participating companies involved in virtual reality products, smart home, unmanned aerial vehicles, robotics, stem cell research and other fields of science and technology.

investors also maintained a high degree of enthusiasm for technological innovation entrepreneurship. This year, the hard technology, mobile Internet, cultural and creative aspects of investment to maintain a normal rhythm, the first half of the investment has dozens of such companies." Inno Angel Fund founding partner Li Zhu said.

compared with the traditional venture, such technological innovation is not only easy to obtain a patent, but the probability of obtaining a venture capital will be higher. From the perspective of their own strength, a considerable number of enterprises have a number of patents, access to a number of international innovation and entrepreneurship awards, more than half of the enterprises to obtain multiple rounds of venture capital.