What are the latest profit business model for you to answer the small series

no matter what industry, can not be separated from innovation, and in all kinds of innovation, business model innovation in this area belongs to the most original innovation. Leave the business model, other management innovation, technological innovation has lost the possibility of sustainable development and profitability of the foundation. What are the latest profitable business models? Xiaobian for you to answer the answer.

1, B2B e-commerce model


Overview / mode

Demonstration effect:

Hi2000 in the day before China become the first Internet stocks, successfully landing the domestic A market, proved that the capital market confidence in the mode of B2B electronic commerce. The core business of the Hi2000 is more than the industry operating under vertical B2B sites, such as China chemical, chemical network, Chinese textile net, net of medicine, China clothing net etc..


mode: China overall e-commerce environment has always plagued the development of B2B e-commerce, credit management problems are also prominent.

2, a new model of entertainment economy


entertainment and cultural influenceKeywords:

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The demonstration effect of