2016 to help you set up a business venture will be held successfully

everyone to gather firewood flame high, entrepreneurship is also so. China has not yet formed a mature mature chain model in entrepreneurship. Rely more on the knowledge sharing between entrepreneurs and learn from each other, a variety of entrepreneurial activities have become a platform for the exchange of these customers.

"is" help you sail "entrepreneurship competition let this group of people together, mutual help and common progress! Also help you set up entrepreneurship training let me clear their career direction, made today’s small achievements……" Yesterday, sponsored by the Banan District Bureau of employment, the Communist Youth League Committee of Banan 2016 will help you sail venture share FLOWER FLOWER hall in lush spring held a posture, help you sail that the flight was delayed because of entrepreneurial activities together entrepreneurs have to tell their story, share their own entrepreneurial experience, and the initiative was established Banan district "help you sail entrepreneurship club, in order to achieve interoperability between the shared resources of entrepreneurs.

"the venture will share, mainly the entrepreneurship students spontaneously organized. As we all know, entrepreneurship, especially ordinary people’s business, the initial is very difficult. Capital, technology, knowledge and so on are relatively scarce. The district held help you sail entrepreneurial training, many people have a great harvest, at the same time in training with each other to form a good atmosphere of mutual help, therefore, after the training, the students hope to regularly share their experience, so they will move to the main business opportunities to share today." Banan District Employment Bureau official told reporters.

and in everyone’s share, also frequently heard "clearly confused", "team – not lonely". This kind of expression. It turned out that this is everyone in the Banan area to help you set up entrepreneurship training universal harvest. "Clearly confused" refers to after training, many of the original passion for entrepreneurship, but the target fuzzy people gradually found themselves down to earth project direction, at the same time that the lack of management knowledge, do not understand any financial budget management, also understand how an enterprise should scientific planning the company’s financial capital.

"team – not lonely" refers to their own career though, but through the Bureau of employment training become friends, start on the road regardless of cause, or life, sincere help and encourage each other, thus forming a "useful recommendation