What is the process of opening a pet shop

more and more families began to treat their pets as their own family, so that the whole pet consumption market is becoming more and more popular, because of this, there will be so many investors want to start a pet shop. However, the shop is a process. So, what is the process of opening a pet shop?

pet beauty, pet hospitals and other new concepts of the store has now become a new investment direction. In the relevant survey, there are 60% pet owners have or intend to give their pets to dress up, such as fur care, beauty " " etc.; and 28% pet owners said it does not matter if the effect is good, can try; only less than 15% of people oppose pet dress. In the consumer costs, are willing to spend a few yuan a beauty pet owner is There are plenty of people who. One can imagine, pet beauty and other services related to the market space.

whether it is pet food stores, grocery stores, beauty shops or pet hospitals, investors need to have an understanding of the industry to enter. In addition to their own brand management, the choice of a good brand to join is also a good choice. Open shop to help you understand the investment to open pet shop process:


(1) to carry a copy of the real estate license (if it is rented house also need to provide the "rental agreement"), ID copies of the 2, one inch photos to the local industry and commerce to apply for a form to obtain business license;

(2) to obtain a business license, to the local tax application for tax registration certificate;

(3) invoice. Invoice application is divided into 2 kinds: first, according to the method of tax, that is, regardless of whether there is a monthly turnover of the same amount of tax per month; (two) according to the amount of the invoice monthly tax rate.

(4) 15-30 days later, the documents can be run down. The whole process is probably about 500 yuan fee (slightly different charges around)

(5) if the pet store operating living sales or pet medical projects, but also access to the health department’s "public places health permits" and the animal husbandry department of the "animal epidemic prevention certificate" "animal medical license".

storefront and decoration

this is the basic point of pet store survival. The pet shop area residents attitude directly determines the operation of local pet pet shop. The customer’s impression of pet shops mainly from the store decoration and environment. In general, the first 3 seconds of the customer’s purchase of the store will determine the consumer behavior. Not suitable for the store and decoration will directly affect the pet store business.