Over 350 residents of Eteringbang without birth certificates

first_imgWith general elections looming, residents of Eteringbang in Region Seven, Cuyuni-Mazaruni, are contending that the Guyana Post Office Corporation (GPOC) is refusing to issue birth certificates to more than 350 persons.Guyana Times was reliably informed that persons have registered several times over the past years, but have not been issued with their birth certificates.According to a source, GPOC is disputing the birth claims of residents from the small mining community, since it is believed that they are from neighbouring Venezuela. Some two years ago, the community benefited from a local Health Centre; however, persons are not taking advantage of the facility.It was revealed that a majority of the applicants were born at home, but the issue was only recently raised since parents are required to provide birth certificates for their children to enroll in school.One frustrated resident stated that she registered her six-year-old daughter several times, and to date has not received the birth certificate. The woman stated that, in November, she journeyed to Georgetown to enquire, but was informed by GPOC that the document cannot be issued, since more information is required. It was only then that she was asked to provide evidence of her daughter’s birthplace in the form of a clinic card.However, she was unable to provide such proof since the child was delivered at home with the assistance of her mother, who acted as midwife.The woman further explained that the health facility in the area was commissioned about two years ago, hence, at the time of the child’s birth, there was nowhere to facilitate the registration.The worried mother has stated that the new school year is fast approaching, and without the birth certificate, her daughter would not be permitted to attend school.As such, she is calling on the relevant authorities to intervene.Other residents in the area were not too vocal on the issue, but have endorsed the claims of the resident who spoke on their behalf.last_img