Join the fire phoenix Home Furnishing intelligent appliance is good


Fire Phoenix Home Furnishing intelligent appliances? In our lives, the demand for home appliances has been very hot. For business with a small capital of entrepreneurs, entrepreneurs choose to join the fire phoenix Home Furnishing intelligent appliance project, undoubtedly, is very business choice!

Guangdong Fire Phoenix Electric Appliance Co. Ltd, the company of "people-oriented, innovative, pragmatic, hard-working spirit, widely collecting and absorption international kitchen electric new technology and new concept, selection of materials and safety and environmental protection technology, high quality " quality of life, customer is God " business philosophy, product guide the development, production and sales.

entrepreneurship to choose what project is good, entrepreneurship, the project in order to avoid detours, three free to send two reimbursement of three, truly low-risk business.

three free: free initial fee, free margin, free training management fees, uniform fire phoenix brand image, brand shop operation mode successfully awarded.

three: as decoration, gift opening gifts, gift promotion package, cost and funding to a greater extent save partner shop.

two reimbursement: reimbursement of investment funds, reimbursement advertising costs, the full return of the appropriate level of investment during the operation of the investment, so that the real low-risk cooperation.

100% exchange goods: high quality home appliances. All products qualified. Quanguolianbao, products can be picked for customer service, security worries.

support: a one-stop shop decoration support, marketing support, training and management support, installation and maintenance support, logistics support, support regional protection, fire phoenix Home Furnishing appliance brand operating for many years, has a strong marketing team and marketing concept, perfect customer service service quality assurance.

a pioneering Road, always difficult to avoid. The choice of business intelligent home appliances Home Furnishing join the fire phoenix project headquarters to provide more support to join. The best choice for business with a small capital of entrepreneurs! Whether you are on fire phoenix intelligent appliances Home Furnishing join the project is very exciting?