What is the practical significance of the preferential policies in Panzhihua

in the process of economic development, although many times the economy can be rapid development, or in a stable trend. However, there are a lot of time, the economy is facing a huge downward pressure on the downward pressure on the economy, the local government of Panzhihua positive measures to effectively help enterprises tide over the difficulties!

6 month 20 days, the reporter learned from the Municipal Bureau of housing, migrant workers wage protection fund safe and civilized measures fee preferential policies implemented in 1 years, 172 home construction enterprises in our city pay less 170 million 760 thousand yuan, effectively reduce the burden of the enterprise.

is understood as a positive response to the downtown pressure on the economy, the smooth progress of construction enterprise, reduce the burden on enterprises, in June 2015, the Municipal Housing Bureau introduced preferential wages of migrant workers protection fund safe and civilized fee policy measures for a period of 1 years.

construction project according to the policy, protection of migrant workers’ wages payment standard from the original in accordance with the engineering cost of construction units and construction units each pay 3.5%, reduced to the pay 1%; safety and civilization measures fee pay 5% from the original construction according to the project cost, reduced to pay 2.5%.

implementation of the policy for 1 years, real estate development enterprises, construction enterprises and other construction enterprises to pay less than $170 million 760 thousand, so that the limited funds invested in the construction of the project entity. City Housing Construction Bureau will continue to implement the project construction cost of two preferential policies to reduce the burden on enterprises, and promote the healthy and stable development of the construction industry.

the preferential policies of Panzhihua, not only help to promote the further development of economic construction, but also help to reduce the burden on enterprises, to create more wealth, and actively invest in production. Thus, enterprises can successfully carry out the transformation, conform to the requirements of the development of the times, continue to create rich wealth.

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