How to get the name of the company to take the name of the four elements


venture company, you must give the company a resounding name, you know, a people overwhelmed with admiration for the name, has a profound impact on the operation and development of your company. So, how to give the company name? The following four elements must be mastered:

1, image. How to name the company? First of all, with the business content, shaping corporate image. If you are selling local snacks, may wish to sincerely local name, such as Tianjin "Goubuli" steamed, Guangzhou "new lizhiwan" restaurant; restaurant named stress is romantic and elegant, such as the "Green Island", "Monte Carlo" boutique; emphasizes the exquisite fashion, even adding English words etc.. I most appreciate a product name, is a hair lotion product name, called "new discovery", the product name is simply too wonderful for words, hair loss for people who want to "new discovery"?

2, benefits. How to name the company? The value and interest plus more, more can stimulate the commodity market. For example, rice cake named "Wangwang", named "Lang", children’s food and many restaurants, restaurants are named after grasping the "joy or happiness", take a good name for a lucky and happy, that is. Such as "lucky" and "xiyunlai", "Fu" and "Dahong map", even Cara OK nightclub was also called "till".


3. How to name the company? Remember the name. Some colloquial homonym, may wish to make use of, such as the pavilion pavilion, Paris Station – thank you – pack you money, or prone to Lenovo’s name, such as Sichuan Museum favorite Emei, the name of Chongqing, see note. Another such as "JJ" D& D disco, club etc..

4, rhythm. How to name the company? Read Shunkou nicely, rich sense of rhythm, essential condition is impressive, this name is very friendly. Such as "new department store", "White Swan Hotel", "Jianlibao beverage" etc..

name is the image of the company, a good name can let customers better remember your company, have very important influence on the development of the company. How to name the company? The above four factors must be considered, I hope everyone in the name of the company to pay more attention to these four points.