How to avoid venture capital

in many traditional entrepreneurs eyes, seems to be in the online business facing the business risk is relatively low, in fact is not the case, in the online business some time also need to make a lot of pre investment, so we need to avoid the risk in advance.

need to pay rent, employee expenses online way to attract a lot of people, many people want to know how to trade online, online, can not wait to go online to open a.

A, if you have a cheap and stable supply channels

so, what are you going to sell what? This is the entrepreneur needs to be analyzed. At present, from the online trading products, clothing, communications equipment, class is a few popular products, at the same time, arts and crafts, health care products also have a certain consumer.

from the trading products can be seen, one is compared with the network under the same products, the price is very cheap products, such as mobile phone, computer, etc.; the other is the net is not common or not once the circulation market of products, such as various tickets, unique jewelry, even houses etc..

online some has the business owner, most of them have a fixed goods channel, who is a well-known clothing brand, there are people under the net has a fixed store, there are people dedicated to the Hongkong purchase. So, for entrepreneurs, in addition to learn how to surf the Internet, how to log in, but also to consider their strength and ability. If entrepreneurs feel that the Internet is just an ordinary product under the net to move online, only to bring their own venture.

two, to offer

so, the offer is the key to learn. Because, in fact, through the auction of online products in the form of the transaction, that is, the seller to open a price, and then the buyers to increase the price, until the transaction. Therefore, the seller out of the price is not the price to sell their hearts, but to be cheap, and then rely on the auction price will be popular. So, your positioning to the description of the goods, the goods must be attractive, so as to increase the click rate of gather popularity, also for your shop to pull into the long-term customer.


must have courage

of course, the Internet is not recommended