Yan iron grill why good advantages

barbecue brand what kind of franchise brand more popular? What kind of join the project more unique? Strong market competitiveness? Xiaobian Yan iron grill to meet these requirements. Yan iron grill, breaking the previous grill curl of smoke, spit all lively elements, the tough, cool style with modern industrial artistic elements, with Australia and cattle and other high-quality ingredients, many consumers won praise.

Yan iron grill why, what are the advantages? See the following details:

big walk after the wind industry, to create a high force grid super feel dining environment

Yan iron burning by many netizens as "barbecue circles Hermes", interesting is the decoration style is different from the general Japanese Grill small lively, but tough atmosphere fan: white or black as the main color of the store, stainless steel smoking system with cold hard, spotless workshop age was like after. The store also has a modern bar, drink wine spectrum on all customer site that do, bartend 360 degree panorama is open, create new styles.

even better, in simple and tough environment, Yan iron burn or into a lot of Japanese cultural elements, such as tatami seat design: Black futon and whole tough style is consistent, and at the same time laying wooden floor very well. Plain walls, Yan hung burning iron selection of modern style figure paintings, but the menu cover the Japanese Ukiyo-e, with both the shop and theme, and in detail for customers to create a fun "surprise", the overall environment added a vivid and elegant.

even pork is so hot, high force grid environment can make people stop and enjoy the delicious food.

Yan not self willed, Australia and cattle Tim emboldened

is a Korean style barbecue shop, Yan iron is burning core ingredients from Australia, black cattle and Japanese national treasure and Niu Tongyuan. It is said that the Australian black cattle rearing are even Japanese foot, listen to music, drink beer, do not pull the hand massage, so tender and delicate, covered with dense oil, high quality.

Yan iron burning from naked meat, steak beef ribs and cattle parts are available, then respectively with different sauce (also optional original), on the plate slowly baked to seven mature, which can realize "soft entrance without slag, no oil overflowing".

In addition to

and cattle, Yan iron burn also close to provide general price of Australian beef, pig, sheep, beef tongue, Wuhua Wuhua squid, chicken, diversification.