Međimurje protest: CNTB does not recognize Međimurje and the north of Lijepa naša as a key destination

first_imgAlso, the Međimurje can be proud to be in two Declared a European destination of excellence, Špancirfest is the tourist event of the year, while Porciunculus as well The Renaissance Festival attracts hundreds of thousands of visitors each year and proves to be great tourist stories. “The video was made with the intention of being presented at the World Travel Market in London and its duration is more than two minutes, where all regions of Croatia are shown. Precisely for this reason, it is not clear to me how Međimurje and the north itself were not found as a region that can offer the camera a mountain of attractive shots, and it has not been found as many times before. Međimurje is not even on the Tourist Map on the pages of the Croatian Tourist Board. We always like to do great populism when we receive some awards, and the question is the weight of those awards and how much they mean at all, if they are not used in a quality way later. ” Nikola Budiša, owner of LM Komunikacije and initiator of the Lovely Medjimurje project, points out and adds that in cases of promotion and lobbying for Međimurje and the north of Croatia to be on a tourist map, the institutions have definitely failed. ” It is their job, without anyone being angry, but some things should be better in this regard, and they would greatly help all stakeholders in tourism. ” Budisa concludes.Proof and confirmation of the success of the destination is certainly the Međimurje festival Forestland, which is successfully growing for the fifth year in a row. An excellent tourist story in the center of Međimurje, which certainly deserves more media attention, especially because it is a festival on the continent, not on the sea, which attracts over 20.000 visitors and grows from year to year. “Međimurje as a location is certainly developing, we have a constant influx of new content and tourists. Unfortunately, we Međimurje people do not appreciate enough what we have, we rarely lobby for ours and that is evident. CNTB, as well as Croatia in general, seems to end up on the Drava and sometimes it is sad that we are being harassed in this way. But, as always, we will work and roll up our sleeves and show that with such an approach we have the products, location and intelligence to create enviable content. ” concludes Krešimir Biškup, the organizer of Forestland, which puts Međimurje on the European map of electronic music. The new promotional video of the Croatian Tourist Board raised a lot of “dust”, both positive, primarily due to the fact that our athletes finally got the role of ambassador of our tourism, and thus negative. One of the negative arguments is that there is no northern part of Lijepa naša in any of the promotional videos.At this year’s Days of Croatian Tourism, Međimurje once again won many awards and recognitions. DMC agency Etnoart travel prhad a special recognition for the development of eno-gastro tourism, and the company Eltel doo also received a well-deserved recognition in the category of Innovation in tourism for a modular system for equipping bike paths. In the Man the key to success category, the best driver was declared – Dino Mađarić from the company Rudi express doo, and the rescuer Nino Škrobara from the company EKOM dooAs a reaction to the omission, the mayor of Čakovec, Stjepan Kovač, appealed to the Croatian Tourist Board and pointed out that in the last promotional video there is not a single shot of the northern part of Lijepa naša and Međimurje. “The video is truly commendable and included all the elements we can be proud of – top athletes, cultural destinations, gastronomic delicacies and beautiful landscapes. However, it is simply unbelievable that the north of Croatia, our beautiful cities and rich tourist offer have been completely left out. We constantly hear that the tourist offer must be current 365 days a year and I think that the north of Croatia proves it. Today, Čakovec is a city that offers Advent, at the peak of the summer season it offers the event Porcijunkulovo, which this year attracted 300 people and impressed the world-famous blogger Ashley Colburn. In every tourist activity in the city, we provide space for promotion to local family farms, craftsmen and artists, for whom promotion as part of such national activities is crucial. This is truly the minimum that the state must provide to those who fill our budget and promote the benefits of their region in the best possible way. Neighboring Varaždin also offers phenomenal content and we have also not seen a single shot and we can rightly protest against this injustice”Says Kovac.last_img