What are the most popular restaurant brands

in our life, you can see a large size of the shopping center, along with the development of the shopping center market, experiential consumption function has become increasingly prominent, catering and entertainment with an increasing proportion of well-known food brands has become the future commercial project investment focus. So what kind of food and beverage brands are the most popular shopping center?

before shopping, dining and entertainment "52:18:30" business "golden ratio" is being broken, instead of shopping, dining, leisure 1:1:1 starring in consumption patterns. The catering industry segments and industry combination trend in face adjustment, summarized as "three reductions, three increase, which reduced the proportion of high-end dining, catering and leisure theme proportion; high-rise catering proportion reduced, each floor with catering proportion increased; large dining proportion decreased surface, increase the proportion of small shops catering.

A, the shopping center catering light touted, high-end food and beverage cold


with the consumption habits of the upgrade, experiential shopping center catering formats are also to the theme and the entertainment aspects of development. Remove the drinks, the most popular dinner of the top three are the Chinese fast food, Thai cuisine and South Korea Hot pot stew pot.

and previous popular high-end catering market accounted for the year behind only fourth Hot pot stew pot. In recent years, the shopping center for high-end catering for the temperature dropped to the lowest point, on the one hand, because of the high-end catering business performance is poor, low value of rent contribution (the first half of 2015, high-end catering business revenue fell by an average of more than 50%, even serious was forced to shut shop).

however unlike the large high-end catering situation is Korean restaurant. The main consumer groups of urban white-collar workers as the shopping center, the life and the survival pressure has been reduced, but the heart still has a strong belief, spirit of self liberation on demand, therefore, a lot of decoration, exquisite sentiment of petty, meticulous and thoughtful service and reasonable price of the restaurant by the urban white-collar pursuit, with a fresh affinity Korean, Korean restaurant which undoubtedly walk in front of Chinese most high-end restaurant.

two, the shopping center is love "miniature" fine dining formats

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