Married corrupt officials pretending to be single due to land acquisition 88 million 910 thousand

does not say that in recent years, the fight against corrupt officials is very severe, just in the just concluded 2016 sessions of the two countries, but also focus on the issue of Party building. But there are officials corrupt crime against the wind, pretending to be single married, due to land 88 million 910 thousand.

served as cadres 10 years, successively for 11 cases of land acquisition projects received 3 bribe people 88 million 910 thousand yuan huge bribes, in March 22nd, is regarded as a "small arch corrupt official representative of the Guangzhou Municipal Office of housing security levy reserve, former deputy director of the 42 year old Huang Huahui alleged bribery case, Guangzhou intermediate people’s court in Panyu Shawan court the trial.



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