Nursing Program Director

first_imgThe College of Health and Human Sciences is currently recruitingfor a Director of Nursing, a 12-month, tenure track position withacademic rank commensurate with education, experience, andexpertise. The Director provides administrative leadership indeveloping, maintaining, evaluating, and revising the baccalaureateprogram in nursing (BSN). The primary responsibilities for thisposition include visionary and strategic leadership for advancingstudent success in the BSN program. In addition to the generaloversight of student success, the director will be responsible forstrategic planning related to student success, includingrecruitment of students, retention strategies, providing facultydevelopment activities related to student success, and datacollection and analysis related to the student experience andplacement of graduates. Additional responsibilities includeinteracting with other departmental and university leaders toachieve student success goals.last_img