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is now very hot food and beverage industry, many people want to invest in the food and beverage industry, but not all food and beverage items are suitable for you, so if you want to do the catering industry, we must first understand the industry. So, what is the current situation of the catering industry? Let’s take a look.

1, the current dining into the Chinese style regression

2,   food demand is more simple purification and diversification

the current food demand or more simple single, simple, such as eating something is one thing, instead of a string of everything, a Korean dish can open a shop, this is specific, people think only do the same, not only professional, and absolutely good taste. Everyone needs no longer satisfied with the simple package materials with a sprinkle a sprinkling roast a chicken practice. We’re all over the street. Of course, diversification is needed, diversification is for the diversified consumer management, not eat spank leave, but each customer is need to manage the operators, allowing them to form more connections, which requires more diversified in the service, according to customer needs, providing a variety of service standards.

3, the current higher demand for food