Jiangxi introduced policies to promote youth entrepreneurship

for a country, a society, young people always create social value of the group’s most dynamic group of people. To promote youth participation in innovation and entrepreneurship, Jiangxi will provide 10 million yuan each year to promote youth entrepreneurship.

12 22, a reporter from the Jiangxi Provincial Committee of the press conference was informed that the day before, Jiangxi issued "on a number of measures to promote youth entrepreneurship" (hereinafter referred to as the "measures"), put forward the municipalities and districts in the province to create a space for a 1-2 demonstration, college students can retain the school drop out, Jiangxi youth entrepreneurship employment fund not less than 10 million yuan per year and a number of "dry cargo" to help youth innovation and entrepreneurship.

"measures", the green space respectively to create a 1-2 demonstration. Colleges and universities in the province to build a relatively concentrated area surrounding the 3-5 provincial college students entrepreneurship park. Encourage all levels of government to build a small town, to support the establishment of youth groups e-commerce, software design, big data, cloud computing, animation design and other related areas of Internet companies.

in a region of Nanchang city as an example, according to the minimum wage of 1530 yuan / month, every month during the graduate employment training base trainee to enjoy 1071 yuan subsidy.


"measures", the establishment of innovative credit accumulation and transfer system in Jiangxi, the high school students leave school business, allowing the adjustment process of study, retain the school (vocational school entrepreneurship 3~6 years undergraduate 4~7 years).

with the maximum amount of one million yuan to support

on the province’s youth recommended