Underwear store the golden ratio pipe inventory easily increased by more than 25% profit

underwear industry profit as everyone knows, import and store more and more. The success of the lingerie store is the store location, marketing planning, product organization, personnel training and other aspects of the comprehensive results. But the store operating performance is good, the boss will make money? Not always。

control inventory is the money at all! Or just for the backlog of goods a lot of hard work, for manufacturers, agents work. The lingerie store to control the inventory, the "golden ratio" to remember. This is based on a large number of high-quality business statistics, master these skills, the overall profit of similar shops can be increased by more than 25%.

two indicators to create reasonable inventory

A, to meet the daily needs of sales. To ensure adequate supply of goods sold in the store, to prevent the loss of customers due to short goods. This is the basis of the general indicators.

two, funds used reasonable, not a lot of the backlog of goods. There is a "golden ratio"". In general, according to the proportion of monthly sales inventory, monthly inventory should be around 1:5.5 is normal and can meet the needs of the reasonable proportion of sales; when the amount of sales, inventory amount is more than 1:11, the warning signal of the inventory exceed the standard.

to must form the good habit of warehouse management to meet the above index:

1. good storage environment: ensure that there is no direct sunlight in the warehouse; good ventilation; no pests, rodents; keep the warehouse environment clean and tidy.

2. pickup convenient: inventory is to service sales, so the first principle of inventory management is convenient, can get the goods to place goods for the shortest time in sales.

3. classification placed: in accordance with the different classification of goods, the delineation of the various categories of regional stock area. According to the Home Furnishing bra, to distinguish the inventory area; or in accordance with the different division of the regional brand; in order to shorten the sales Business Hours, according to the best-selling goods, goods to the classification level of sales inventory of goods display.

4. timing inventory: the purpose of the timing inventory is to ensure that the inventory of goods in line with the actual. Through the monthly inventory, the operator can be found in a timely manner the structure of the inventory and the proportion is reasonable, so as to do a good job in inventory management.

5. follow FIFO, guarantee the update: Although the clothing products there is no shelf life, but sensitive to light bra, or to follow the FIFO principle, to avoid losses caused by discoloration.

the inventory structure of the "golden ratio"