How to make money to do a good job prospects for environmental protection

is now the concept of people’s lives has undergone many changes, at the same time, began to promote environmental protection, environmental protection and life philosophy advocated by people, some environmental handmade wallpaper became popular, handmade wallpaper how to make money? Environmental health personality wallpaper will inevitably be sought after by consumers.

project overview

handmade wallpaper is a kind of individual coatings can play with nature, its raw materials are mostly taken from the mountain area’s unique natural limestone and mineral soil, twelve natural beeswax and natural color, no peeling and cracking, not moldy, scrub, which belongs to the revolutionary product in handmade wallpaper.

product features

1. powerful. The utility model has the advantages of no seams, no skin resistance, scrub resistance, no cracking, long service life, strong hiding power, rich patterns, strong stereo feeling, acid and alkali resistance, convenient maintenance and convenient construction for two times.

2. for more than 15 years, and similar products can only be used for about 10 years.

3. flame retardant. The utility model has the advantages of no raw material, no combustion, high temperature resistance and no harmful smoke.

4. low cost. The cost per square meter is only a few dollars to tens of dollars, while the cost of traditional wallpaper to ten yuan to one hundred dollars.

5. can DIY customization.

manual wallpaper is the new environmental protection material is different from the traditional wallpaper, can meet the modern decoration ideas and requirements. Handmade wallpaper how to make money? Now more and more consumers want to be able to carry on the original color, texture, shape decoration decorative pattern change; designers want customized materials and shapes and colors can be customized to meet the design requirements, and the traditional industrial wall materials in the unity of the limitations of this. Handmade wallpaper broke through the limitations. At present, the product has just been listed on the popular market, such as Jiangsu province Kunshan joined the first month on the net profit of 40 thousand yuan, while Hebei province Chengde franchisees have only half the time it earned 80 thousand yuan.

conditions and benefit distribution estimation

handmade wallpaper how to make money? Minimum investment of only 42 thousand yuan, no entry fee, only the lowest purchase costs. The cost of one square meter of material is 16-20 yuan. At present, the industry will be included in the calculation of construction costs, in Beijing, for example, a square meter price of about 180-220 yuan.

Because of the different

In fact,

now the whole society to pay more attention to environmental protection, especially there are a lot of people have seen the environmental market opportunities, began to invest in environmental protection market, handmade wallpaper as a environmentally friendly products by the people in the market are welcome, recommended