Beijing Fengtai set up training platform to guide college students to support entrepreneurship

many college students have been unable to wait for graduation, early into the venture. Beijing, Fengtai District to help college students to start their own businesses, through the establishment of training courses, build a platform for the exchange mode of college graduates to start their careers here.

24 year old Zheng Xuanqi is a Capital University of Economics and Business graduate majoring in international trade. 5 months ago, he participated in the entrepreneurial guidance center in Fengtai District entrepreneurship training courses, training after the initiation of the idea of the establishment of clothing companies. At present, his company has hired two designers and two managers, all just graduated from college students.

"entrepreneurial dream here built"

"clothing conference in this cafe, because I have a feeling here." Zheng Xuanqi told reporters that he would come every Friday to participate in the coffee shop  , "Chi Hui Friday activities". Each event, there are college students entrepreneurial team and business mentor, entrepreneurs face to face communication. A variety of entrepreneurial questions and answers, so that Zheng Xuanqi’s entrepreneurial ideas more mature.

"at the beginning of the year, we begin to take this traditional cafes upgrade available for entrepreneurs and investors to show a communication platform, enhance the entrepreneurial coffee capacity, resources gathering capability. Will be built here for training, early incubation, investment and financing docking bridge." Zhongguancun science and Technology Park, Fengtai science and Technology Park Service Center Director Cheng Jun told reporters.

"to guide entrepreneurs is our mission

"on the flat or recommended entrepreneurship training provided