Xining East District remediation dust pollution to maintain the whole road

In Nanshan Road, Liyuan area of individual construction site entrances washing facilities not complete, entrance hardening is not in place, vehicles with mud on the road, the site debris piled chaos and temporary space development or backfill not cover other problems, eleven long, Xining City East District 49 cleaning comprehensive cleaning of Liyuan area to Nanshan cross road sweeping regulation, arrangement of sprinkler sprinkler dust along the track, and organize the two night patrol at night layun muck to increase management efforts, thorough investigation of no navicert and no obturator layun violations.

according to the East District Environmental Protection Bureau responsible person, in order to alleviate the Nanshan Road area Liyuan construction site and road dust pollution, construction of entrance and road construction is not timely hardening Sinopec building, east international commercial building, unity village resettlement area 5 construction site issued a rectification notice, ordered to the completion of the construction site work hardening in a limited period of time. Check the construction site along the Nanshan Road fence, found damaged, the old fence to the construction or construction units in a timely manner to repair, maintenance. At the same time, Sinopec Nanshan Road not developed site or aerated backfill is not covered by the station, Bowen South extension section of the new road project, south area of affordable housing projects three and several workers issued rectification notice, requirements on the bare land covered with dust cloth. (author: Zhao Junjie)