Slow blocking and create a civilized city evening news invites you to capture in progress

safe, smooth and orderly traffic, parking order is to create an important part of the national civilized city. But we see that the free running red lights, over the fence, Luantingluanfang other uncivilized phenomenon in the streets of Xining are not uncommon, misfits uncivilized behavior of those annoying and civilized city image, far more and civilized people’s words and deeds.

since April 1st, the Xining Evening News published the "evening news hotline traffic invites you to take" uncivilized traffic behavior of a text, invite the public to capture the red light, the pedestrian crossing guardrail, pedestrian crosswalk, vehicle Luantingluanfang uncivilized traffic behavior photos, urged the public to consciously abide by the traffic order, maintain a civilized image of the city. Since the campaign, the majority of public participation, just over 2 months, thousands of micro friends "evening invite you to join the enthusiasm to capture the uncivilized traffic behavior" activities rapidly warming, "capture heat" on a whim, for a time, everyone became a supervisor, photographer, to contribute to the evening news. People compete for cars, the line to grab the line, free parking…… Uncivilized behavior of all incorporated into the camera, apparently the majority of micro friends have become civilized traffic advocates, practitioners, promoters, with their enthusiastic participation, supervision power evening becomes more and more powerful, to accelerate the pace of construction of city civilization. In the eyes of countless supervision, thousands of photos of yesterday is not civilized record, but also a turning point in our civilization today, many packshower capture whenever and wherever possible to uncivilized traffic behavior, effectively supervise and standardize the pedestrian traffic behavior civilization. This is a brutal parking knocked down trees, this is a pedestrian crossing the road fence, this is the driver opened the window to spit out, "this is the intersection of parking"…… This newspaper is selected from dozens of pieces of traffic uncivilized behavior of the photos published in the newspaper, through these uncivilized pictures and warning for public education to move, effectively enhance the deterrent effect, has attracted wide attention from the society and praise. The most gratifying is that some uncivilized traffic participants was captured after from deep thinking has undergone major changes, they turned into a supervisor at the scene of those who continued to not civilized people, a great harvest is this evening.

although road traffic order has improved significantly, but there are still a lot of traffic participants have the whistle, free parking, free to cross the road, cross the line, reverse driving and other illegal uncivilized traffic behavior, become a harmonious city civilization. Evening news invites you to capture the activities help to establish a sense of security, to maintain a calm state of mind, to get rid of those accustomed to traffic habits. Xining evening news invites you to continue to participate in the activities of uncivilized traffic behavior, through the participation of everyone, so that traffic uncivilized behavior is less and less, to create a more harmonious traffic environment.

there is no civilized consciousness there is no civilized behavior, there is no participation in the pace of action. "Evening invite you to capture the uncivilized traffic behavior", a short period of time to inspire great confidence of the general public to become civilized traffic participants. Hundreds of friends to join the enthusiasm of micro, but also show;