Xining included in the second batch of national new urbanization pilot

In November 27th, according to the national development and Reform Commission website news, the 11 departments of development and Reform Commission, the central office and other joint review, agreed to 59 Beijing city Fangshan District (town) listed as the second batch of national new urbanization integrated pilot areas in our province of Xining and Menyuan Hui Autonomous County in the.

in the construction of the innovation of urban investment and financing, building a diversified investment and financing mechanism to actively introduce foreign banks, joint-stock banks, insurance, funds, securities and other financial institutions to set up branches or settled in Xining City, Xining city to develop "to guide the private capital investment project implementation plan".

in industry of Xingcheng, to the city to promote the industry, promote the development of production integration of the city, adhere to the first planning, achieve production city interaction. Vigorously the introduction of new technologies, new industries, accelerate the construction of distinctive features, with strong competitiveness of modern industrial system, accelerate the development of Industrial Park in the three county, three county, vigorously develop modern agriculture and the cultivation of new agricultural management system. We will accelerate the development of modern service industries such as finance, logistics, exhibition and information services. Vigorously develop the culture, tourism, health care and other emerging services, foster e-commerce, information consumption and other new formats, accelerate the construction of modern service industry gathering area.