The establishment of financial incentives for green building in Qinghai

Through the establishment of a sound construction technology standard system and incentive subsidy policy guidance and other measures, Qinghai will focus on building a star green building evaluation index system, the popularization of green building, promote the construction industry to the development of efficient low carbon ecological pattern.The

of housing and Urban Construction Department of Qinghai province science and technology department in charge, in order to promote the development of green building, Qinghai has initially established a divided into three level star green building evaluation criteria system, and to determine the relevant financial incentive mechanism and incentive mechanism for demonstration projects, with high star green building award in accordance with the national conditions of the policy.

is determined on the basis of the introduction of Qinghai Province on the "on accelerating the development of green building" in incentives, was identified as the two star green building was awarded 45 yuan per square metre, three-star green building per square metre can receive 80 yuan reward; and the green ecological city (District) by way of capital fixed subsidy reward and subsidy standard is 50 million yuan.

In addition to

, made the star green building construction projects, city facilities fees refunded by the policy, the highest return ratio up to 70%.