Xining public security and the electricity sector jointly protect power facilities to ensure the saf

Xining power grid due to many points, wide, long line, management is difficult, Xining city public security and the power sector will jointly protect the power facilities to ensure safe and reliable provincial grid.

September 20th, Xining power supply company and the Xining Municipal Public Security Bureau and the public security departments in Xining, held a meeting of the protection of power facilities, and the signing ceremony of the agreement on the protection of power facilities. At the meeting, informed the relevant departments of the provincial capital of this year, the situation of theft and destruction of power facilities, and how to work together to reach consensus.

in recent years, the provincial capital of theft damage in electric power and telecommunications and railway facilities in the high incidence of cases, the nature of the case and the consequence is more and more serious; gang crime, criminal means more and more professional, the protection of electric power facilities is very difficult, for better protection of power facilities, public security departments have carried out special struggle, punish a group of criminals, played a very good warning. (author: Yuan Zhen)